Enphase releases preview of its bidirectional EV charger

Enphase’s bidirectional charging and vehicle-to-home solutions enable backup electric vehicle power and integrate EVs into the home energy ecosystem

A sneak preview of Enphase’s latest EV charging device shows how the company will offer bidirectional charging come 2024. The game-changing solution will roll out by next year, allowing vehicle-to-grid connectivity and saving EV drivers time and money on their charging. 

Beyond the latest innovation from the company, further products include swappable microinverters, Enpower Smart Switch, Envoy—for data transfer, and Encharge storage backup batteries. 

Upon announcement of the latest digital tool for integrating EVs into the home energy ecosystem, Raghu Belur, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Enphase Energy, says: 

“The new bidirectional EV charger, along with Enphase’s solar and battery storage system, can be controlled from the Enphase App, empowering homeowners to make, use, save, and sell their own power.” 

Bidirectional charging provided by Enphase

The trend is electric and consumers will benefit greatly from integrating their EVs into their home energy infrastructure. This is known as bidirectional charging; the function is known as vehicle-to-home (V2H) or vehicle-to-grid (V2G). 

The Enphase bidirectional charging solutions offers features that allow homeowners to manage their energy themselves with features such as: 

  • Vehicle-to-home charging (V2H) - supplying energy from the car’s battery to a house
  • Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) - putting energy back into the grid 
  • Green charging 
  • Savings modes 
  • Self-consumption

The company’s latest charger offers V2H, meaning cars can be powered at home, but also residual EV charge can be used to support homes during blackouts. Alternatively, we see this as being a step closer to allowing microgrid capabilities, which would rely on energy sharing and sophisticated digital energy solutions. 

The Senior Director of Systems Engineering at Enphase, Mohammad Alkuran says: “The Enphase bidirectional EV charger is the next step on our roadmap to building a solar-powered, all-in-one home energy system that further unlocks electrification, resilience, savings, and control for homeowners.” 

Enphase solutions leverage green energy for EVs 

Charging at home is one thing, but to ensure that EVs are truly sustainable, systems must be compatible with home renewable energy sources. Enphase is also developing groundbreaking solar energy products that leverage proprietary technologies capable of monitoring performance data. 

The new bidirectional charger is part of the Ensemble energy management solution, which produces, stores, monitors, exports, controls and analyses home electricity usage and distribution. 

The system encompasses multiple components and principles managed by Enphase Cloud, connecting solar power, EVs, home generators, and the national grid.


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