ENGIE Impact has become the sustainable EV charging partner

Electric vehicle (EV) charging is a necessary power method, but also an opportunity for commercial engagement thanks to support from ENGIE Impact

The global sales of electric vehicles (EVs) soars in comparison to previous years, which is particularly due to the increasing network of charging infrastructure available to drivers as the world begins to accept electrification as a way forward. 

While this is a necessary step in the process of decarbonisation, organisations can also benefit from the vast number of charges that have been, and are expected to be, installed globally. They can capitalise on this movement and seek it as an opportunity to boost their revenues and increase competitiveness. 

ENGIE Impact, the sustainability consulting arm of the energy business, recognises these shifts and therefore supports organisations in reaping these benefits. This will be done through its Mobility Support offering, which will allow the team to provide a comprehensive solution to decarbonisation related questions and problems surrounding e-mobility. 
These services include strategic planning for charging and infrastructure, as well as procurement and implementation of some large-scale projects. 

“Accessible EV charging in commercial spaces is imperative to enable a sustainable future. By some estimates, public charging installations need to increase sixfold over the next four years to keep up with EV sales forecasts, and organisations are recognising that being part of the solution can add value for their customers – and their bottom line,” says Marcus Gilmore, Senior Manager of Electric Mobility, ENGIE Impact

“Customers using EV charging stations have been shown to spend as much as three times more in stores, but most organisations don’t have the expertise or capital required to implement, own, and maintain charging stations. That’s where ENGIE Impact comes in.”

Supporting commercial implementation of EV charging 

From a commercial perspective, ENGIE Impact recognises the opportunities and demands among businesses within the e-mobility space, and as such, devised steps to achieve their goals from planning to execution. These services include: 

Strategic planning - Building a strategy by prioritising sites, the types of charging installations, and educating companies to understand corporate ownership.

Stakeholder management - collaborating with various stakeholders, including landlords and charging station developers, to facilitate charging solutions that enhance the brand's value for customers.

Multi-site implementation - developing comprehensive plans to effectively maximise the quantity and quality of charging services at each site, ensuring exceptional execution.

ENGIE Impact is on a mission to support organisations in translating ambitious sustainability goals into tangible steps for achieving decarbonization objectives. They provide support to major companies, including Procter & Gamble (P&G), Netflix, Faurecia, and numerous Fortune 500 brands, as they strive towards achieving net zero emissions. Over the past six years, ENGIE Impact's efforts have resulted in nearly US$1bn in savings for their clients through energy reduction initiatives. Additionally, they have successfully reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions equivalent to the annual emissions of almost 900,000 passenger vehicles.


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