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F1 veterans join Verge Motorcycles to develop e-motorbikes

Supporting the fast-moving consumers who enjoy speed and adrenaline, Verge Motorcycles employs F1 veterans to break the boundaries of electric motorbikes

Could a scratched battery be an insurance total wipeout?

Insurers are writing off EVs with minor repairs due to expensive parts & lack of data making it impossible to discern if repaired vehicles are road safe

Optimise EV home charging with an eco-smart device

Make home charging an EV even more efficient with an eco-smart device that pulls power straight from personal solar panels and wind turbines

Opportunity is the new electric vehicle charging mindset

Electric vehicle (EV) owners can learn from warehouse operations and logistics firms to leverage opportunity charging at home or at public charge points

Should drivers be penalised for parking at EV chargers?

Australia imposed fines in some states to alleviate parking of non-EVs in electric vehicle spaces, supporting its growing number of electrified car owners

Fiat 500e: The small but mighty choice for European drivers

As the leading EV in the European market in 2022, the Fiat 500e represents a triumphant change that tops sales from highly desirable brand Tesla

How long will CATL’s battery manufacturing position remain?

The leading electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturer, CATL rethink its strategy as other producers from China, the US, and the EU pitch up in the market

A mindset shift could give home EV charging the spotlight

Many consumers are still uncertain about EV adoption, but what if buying or leasing a new car could benefit them financially and sustainably in the future?