Charging & Infrastructure Articles

Mercedes-Benz will soon face customers as an EV business

The German automotive manufacture, Mercedes-Benz is putting all of its efforts into the EV sub-brand, Mercedes EQ, as it electrifies is car portfolio

EV smart charging legislation provides benefits to consumers

Smart charging is a critical step in efficiency and legislation is here to make sure EV drivers are reaping the benefits of energy management capabilities

Automotive firms use technology to develop safer EVs

The automotive industry is hotting up and EV manufacturers are differentiating themselves with safety technology, including radar and lidar systems

Electric vehicles require innovative roadside assistance

Roadside assistance is a staple in automotive, but organisations are changing the way they approach this to cater for electric vehicle charging long-term

Align climate commitments with electric public transport ROI

Miguel Simão, Lead Data Scientist at Stratio Automotive, provides thought leadership on the transition to electric buses along with return on investment

Will ICE vehicles and EVs reach price parity in 2023?

The cost debate is complex, but we think 2023 will make room for technology to enhance EV efficiency over ICE vehicles as well as less material disruption

EV charging and innovation are critical end of year topics

Reflecting on the week, charging and infrastructure is a contributing factor to electrification, along with innovative new EV models to come in 2023

CATL and Phoenix Motorcars partner in electric innovation

All-electric medium-duty vehicles overcome a barrier that is commercial electrification. CATL and Phoenix Motorcars are partnering in electric truck tech