KOSTAL Launches vaylens for EV Charging Management

KOSTAL Launches vaylens
KOSTAL Group introduces vaylens, a new software brand to optimise & manage EV charging across the UK and Europe, enhancing convenience and efficiency

KOSTAL Group, a leader in electromobility, is expanding its range of services with the launch of a new software division, vaylens. The brand aims to optimise and manage EV charging infrastructure across the UK and Europe. 

vaylens emerges from the legacy of Compleo Charging Software and, by design, operates independently of hardware across various manufacturers. 

The aim of vaylens is to simplify the EV charging infrastructures and make the billing processes more efficient. The focus is to extend its reach from the DACH region to the UK and across Europe, thus enhancing KOSTAL’s position as a key player in sustainable energy solutions.

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Russell Olive, UK Director of vaylens, emphasised the need for innovative solutions in the UK’s EV charging infrastructure: "The UK’s EV charging infrastructure needs a transformative solution like vaylens. Our goal is to ensure that electric vehicle management is convenient, efficient and reliable.”

Expanding beyond hardware with intelligent software

vaylens will provide comprehensive software solutions that cater to both public and private sectors. These solutions are designed to be user-friendly and scalable, making it easier for charge point operators (CPOs) to manage and monetize their charging stations. 

By offering hardware-independent software, vaylens ensures flexibility and compatibility across various charging infrastructures.

The sister company, Compleo Charging Solutions, will continue to focus on hardware, optimising EV charging technology within the KOSTAL Group.

The strategic division allows vaylens to specialise in software while Compleo handles the hardware aspect, providing a holistic approach to EV charging solutions.

Strategic Growth and Innovation

Dr Gregor M. Schmeken, Member of the Board of the KOSTAL Group

“With vaylens, we are investing in a leading software backend provider in the ecosystem of charging and energy infrastructure,”Dr Gregor M. Schmeken, Member of the Board of the KOSTAL Group, said, highlighting the significance of this expansion. “It is a central component of our energy solutions portfolio and the foundation for sustainable growth and business success of our group.”

KOSTAL’s history of innovation in electromobility includes pioneering plug-and-charge technology independently of hardware. 

The group has equipped more than 4.5 million vehicles with onboard chargers (OBCs). Now, with vaylens, KOSTAL aims to become a leading provider of intelligent charging solutions in Europe.

Meeting market demands

vaylens aims to make electromobility more accessible for both newcomers and experienced charge point operators (CPOs). The company provides solutions that simplify the management and monetisation of charging infrastructure, ensuring minimal effort for CPOs to make their stations accessible to all EV drivers. Their innovative products are designed to make charging at workplaces, multi-occupancy buildings (HMOs) and vehicle fleets efficient and hassle-free.

Jörg Lohr, CEO of vaylens

“The market for charging infrastructure has developed strongly in recent years," stated Jörg Lohr, CEO of vaylens, discussing the evolving market for charging infrastructure. "With vaylens, we respond to the changing needs of our customers by offering reliable and efficient software solutions that enable optimal management of the charging infrastructure regardless of the hardware used. Our customers benefit from a wider range of choices and an improved user experience."

The launch of vaylens marks a significant step for the KOSTAL Group as it continues to innovate and expand in the electromobility sector. By offering advanced, hardware-independent software solutions, vaylens addresses the growing needs of the EV market and paves the way for a more efficient and sustainable future in electric vehicle charging.


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