JLR invests In 20,000+ People To Accelerate Its Shift to EVs

JLR manufacturers Range Rover, Defender, Discovery & Jaguar
JLR has trained 20,000+ employees & partners in electrification and digital skills, accelerating production of Range Rover, Defender, Discovery & Jaguar

JLR manufactures Range Rover, Defender, Discovery, and Jaguar and is transforming the EV industry through skills development. The growth of the EV industry hinges on the rapid development and transfer of new skills. As critical skills become commonplace, the cost of buying, maintaining, and repairing EVs will decrease, making them more accessible to consumers.

JLR's Reimagine Strategy: A vision for sustainable luxury

JLR's Reimagine strategy focuses on creating modern luxury with sustainability. It is transforming its business to achieve carbon net zero status across its supply chain, products, and operations by 2039. With a roadmap in place to reduce emissions by 2030 through science-based targets, electrification is central to the strategy. By the end of the decade, all Range Rover, Discovery, and Defender models will feature pure electric versions, with the renaissance of Jaguar as an all-electric brand from 2025.

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Extensive global operations

As a British company, JLR operates two design and engineering sites, three vehicle manufacturing facilities, an engine manufacturing centre, and a battery assembly centre in the UK. Additionally, it has vehicle plants in China, Brazil, India, Austria, and Slovakia, along with seven technology hubs worldwide. JLR is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Motors Limited, which is part of Tata Sons.

Significant milestones in electrification training

JLR is proud to announce significant advancements in upskilling its workforce gearing up for electrification:

  • 20,000+ JLR partners and colleagues trained: More than 20,000 individuals have been trained in electrification and digital skills as part of JLR's Future Skills Programme.
  • 95% of global retail partner technicians are EV trained: 95% of our global retail partner technician workforce is now equipped with EV skills.
  • 11,000 manufacturing colleagues in training: Training is underway for 11,000 manufacturing employees to build battery electric vehicles (BEVs).
  • 950 new electrification roles: In FY24, JLR opened 950 additional roles in electrification, expanding our skills base.
Chloe Taylor, a JLR retail master technician

Expanding opportunities through electrification

Electrification is creating more diverse job opportunities. EV work, often more process-oriented than traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) work, is accessible to a broader range of employees, including those from neurodiverse backgrounds. For example, Chloe Taylor, a JLR retail master technician, transitioned from working with combustion technology to qualifying for high-voltage EV battery work. She hopes the shift to EVs will encourage more women to enter the field.

Barbara Bergmeier, JLR Executive Director of Industrial Operations

Initiatives to promote diversity in STEM

JLR is committed to fostering diversity in STEM careers through several initiatives:

  • Virtual work experience programme: Enrolled 2,000 participants in eight weeks, with 31% being women and girls.
  • Schools partnership programme: Encourages students from diverse backgrounds to pursue STEM careers.
  • Early Careers Scheme: Attracts diverse candidates through strategic partnerships.
  • Inclusive job descriptions: Uses AI to make job description wording more diverse and inclusive.


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