Increased Cybersecurity for European EV Charging Network

ENCS is welcoming its newest member Milence, the heavy duty EV charging specialists comprising of Daimler Trucks, the TRATON GROUP and the Volvo Group.
Joining forces with Milence, ENCS pioneers cybersecurity for high-capacity EV charging networks, reinforcing Europe's energy sector resilience

Non-profit membership organisation, The European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS), established in 2012, brings together critical infrastructure stakeholders and security experts. Engaging academia, government, and business, ENCS mobilises researchers and test specialists for applied research, defining technical security requirements, and conducting component and end-to-end testing, as well as education and training.

ENCS proudly welcomes its newest member, Milence, a consortium comprising Daimler Trucks, the TRATON GROUP, and the Volvo Group.

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“It’s fantastic to welcome Milence, a key player of European CPO infrastructure and the first to join our network,” says Anjos Nijk, Managing Director of ENCS.

“Milence’s membership is a testament to our track record in supporting European CPO cybersecurity and its connected infrastructures with the practical solutions they need. With accelerated rollout of EVC infrastructure across Europe, Milence joins at a critical period and we look forward to the industry expertise and knowledge it will contribute to our network.”

Supporting EV infrastructure development

Milence, as ENCS' first Charge Point Operator (CPO) member, aligns with its commitment to establishing and operating 1,700 high-capacity public heavy-duty EV charging points across Europe by 2027. 

“Cybersecurity is a particularly demanding field that requires constant questioning of its practices and knowledge,” comments Peter Westerveld, Chief Information Security Officer, Milence.

As the European EV public charger stock surpasses 600,000 by Q3 2023, Milence has joined ENCS to support the identification of its cybersecurity needs, risk analysis and testing of its assets, and the practical solutions required to maximise cyber protection. Charging points represent a high demand on the grid, and therefore also are highly susceptible to the corresponding associated risks.

“ENCS has a clear track record in supporting CPOs with their cybersecurity needs, which will help us to further strengthen our practices,” Westerveld continues. 

“I am delighted that Milence is joining the ENCS community and sharing our industry skills and knowledge with the wider network.”


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