Delta & TI Unveil Joint Lab for Advanced EV Power Systems

Delta & TI Unveil partner
Delta Electronics and Texas Instruments partner to innovate EV power systems, leveraging advanced technologies to enhance efficiency and performance

Delta Electronics, a global leader in power management and IoT-based smart green solutions, has partnered with Texas Instruments (TI), a renowned semiconductor leader, to establish a joint innovation laboratory.

The collaboration aims to enhance the power density and performance of Delta's EV power systems, leveraging TI's cutting-edge technologies in digital control and gallium nitride (GaN) along with Delta's expertise in high-efficiency power electronics.

Pioneering EV Power Systems

Founded in 1971, Delta Electronics has become a global powerhouse in switching power supplies and thermal management products.

The company boasts a diverse portfolio, including smart energy-saving systems and solutions in industrial automation, building automation, telecom power, data centre infrastructure, EV charging, renewable energy, energy storage, and display technologies.

Delta serves its customers in nearly 200 locations across five continents through extensive sales offices, R&D centres, and manufacturing facilities.

James Tang, Executive VicPresident of Mobility at Delta & Head of its Electric Vehicle Solutions Business Group

James Tang, Executive Vice President of Mobility at Delta and Head of its Electric Vehicle Solutions Business Group, comments on the new initiative, "Delta has been developing high-efficiency automotive power products, systems, and solutions since 2008 to help reduce transportation-related carbon emissions. 

“The joint innovation lab with TI will enable us to leverage their extensive experience and advanced technology in digital control and GaN to enhance our EV power systems' power density and performance. We aim to foster closer technology exchange and collaboration, accelerating product development and improving safety and quality.” 

The partnership is a significant step towards maintaining our technology leadership and achieving a win-win situation in the rapidly developing EV market."

Strengthening the Path to a Sustainable Future

Amichai Ron, Senior Vice President for Embedded Processing at TI

Amichai Ron, Senior Vice President for Embedded Processing at TI, echoes Tang's enthusiasm: "The transition to EVs is crucial for a more sustainable future. Our long-standing collaboration with Delta Electronics provides a solid foundation from which to build. Together, we will use TI semiconductors to develop EV power systems, such as onboard chargers and DC/DC converters, that are smaller, more efficient, and more reliable.

"These advancements will increase vehicle driving range and promote the broader adoption of electric vehicles."

Advancing Next-Generation EVs

In response to the software-defined vehicles (SDV) era, Delta has established joint labs with several international semiconductor companies focusing on automotive power electronics and digital control. 

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These collaborations aim to meet future demands for higher power efficiency and safety in next-generation EVs. The new joint innovation lab with TI is expected to expedite the development and validation of Delta's automotive products, assisting international car manufacturers in creating key architectures and layouts for advanced EVs with superior product quality.

By combining their strengths, Delta Electronics and Texas Instruments are set to drive significant advancements in EV power systems, supporting the global transition to electric mobility and contributing to a sustainable future.


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