Exclusive Video: Martin Kearns on the future of e-trucks

The Head of Electric Sales Development at Volvo Trucks, Martin Kearns talks about the challenges of the industry and future outlook for electric trucks

Electrification, collaboration, and government support are crucial for enabling the fleet sector to meet the climate change target set out in the Paris Climate Agreement, which is what drives Volvo Trucks as a provider of electric vehicles (EVs) to heavy logistics industries. 

The company’s Head of Electric Sales Development, Martin Kearns, was delighted to share the company commitments and actions with us at EV Magazine LIVE with an err of seriousness to his keynote address, which talks about the future of commercial EVs. 

“It’s clear to us that one solution won’t be enough in this space. We’ll need different solutions for different customers,” says Kearns as he discusses the challenges ahead for the industry, and for Volvo Trucks. 

As can be expected, the company is looking to electrify its products in combination with hydrogen fuel-cell systems as well to allow businesses to get the best range at zero cost to the planet. This is the general trend in the industry, whereby the hybrid of electric and hydrogen enables a much more adequate range performance, which is demanded by vehicles that spend the majority of their life cycles on the roads.  

With that said, Kearns looks into the future to share just how Volvo Trucks will not only take action, but will also inspire the industry to achieve zero emissions.


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