EV Magazine features electric aviation and trucking experts

Join us for the release of EV Magazine August featuring Jia Xu from Honeywell, Adrian Keen of Instavolt, and Kjell Walden from manufacturer Volta Trucks

We’re keen to share more insights from a number of industries and how infrastructure and autonomy will affect the way we interact with electric power in years to come—whether that involves heavy-goods vehicles, city infrastructure, or aviation. 

In the August issue of EV Magazine, we’re looking at a few more niche topics to uncover more about the transition from a number of perspectives. 

Firstly, Jia Xu, CTO of Honeywell UAM & UAS, delivers some exciting comments on how electric flight could make aviation more sustainable while changing the way consumers and businesses interact with airborne vehicles. This will ultimately encourage flexibility in the supply chain and improved mobility for a number of people as battery power reduces the need for bulky systems and can distribute power in more intuitive ways. 

Previously featured in our content, Volta TrucksCo-Founder and Chief Manufacturing Officer Kjell Walӧen explains how electrification is changing the way commercial vehicles are designed and built. Automation here is the key as it enables consistent quality outcomes and efficient production of new energy vehicles to meet the demands of global fleets. 

This month, we’re also featuring an inclusive Q&A with the CEO of Instavolt Adrian Keen, in an attempt to uncover more about rapid charging and where businesses are with deployment and adoption of much faster power solutions. 

This will ultimately enable higher uptake of EVs, but will also contribute to a future of electrification and autonomy. Joining us to discuss self-driving vehicles and how they fit into a green energy ecosystem is Carlo Ratti, Professor of Practice of Urban Technologies and Planning at MIT, as we delve into why we need autonomy to reach sustainability. 

With all this and more in the August issue, we’re excited to share new insights for this month and continue to spread positivity around the subject of EVs and zero-emission transportation. 

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