Top 10: Fleet as a Service (FaaS) Platforms

Top 10: Fleet as a Service (FaaS)
Fleet as a Service (FaaS) is an innovative and comprehensive approach to managing fleets of vehicles, primarily EVs

FaaS represents a significant shift from traditional fleet management models by integrating various services and technologies into a unified platform.

By design, the platform streamlines operations, reduces costs and enhances efficiency through a subscription-based or pay-as-you-go model.

FaaS leverages technology and integrated services to provide a holistic and flexible solution, enabling businesses to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and support sustainability goals.

The model is especially beneficial for managing charging infrastructure and vehicle maintenance complexities in the growing EV market.

This week, we highlight the top 10 FaaS platforms:

Rivus Fleet Solutions

10 | Rivus Fleet Solutions

The platform uniquely supports EV transition with tailored vehicle procurement, maintenance, and infrastructure development.

Challenges include integrating diverse fleet needs and ensuring seamless service delivery. Successes involve streamlined operations, reduced downtime, and enhanced sustainability, positioning Rivus as a leader in fleet management solutions.

9 | Shell Fleet Solutions

This platform integrates EV charging, fuel management, and telematics to enhance fleet efficiency and sustainability.

Challenges include coordinating diverse services and maintaining seamless integration. Successes are marked by significant carbon footprint reduction and improved operational efficiency, solidifying Shell as a leader in sustainable fleet management.

8 | Element Fleet Management

The platform is renowned for its comprehensive Arc by Element program, offering end-to-end EV fleet services, including procurement, financing, infrastructure, and training.

Challenges involve coordinating extensive services and adapting to rapid EV advancements. Successes include seamless fleet transitions, operational efficiency, and robust support for EV adoption.

7 | EV Connect

The focus of the EV Connect platform is EV charging management, offering a robust platform for efficient infrastructure management across light—to heavy-duty EVs.

Challenges include keeping up with evolving technology and scaling infrastructure. Successes include seamless charging operations and enhanced fleet efficiency, making EV transitions smoother.

Holman Enterprises

6 | Holman Enterprises

Strategic planning and financing options make this platform unique. It aids organisations in transitioning to EVs with comprehensive support for charging infrastructure. Challenges include coordinating complex transitions and financing logistics. Successes are seen in effective EV integration, streamlined fleet operations, and robust infrastructure support, enhancing fleet sustainability.


5 | ChargePoint

It is known for its extensive charging station network and integrated solutions, including hardware, software, and services for efficient fleet electrification.

Challenges involve maintaining infrastructure reliability and scaling services. Successes include seamless fleet transitions to EVs, enhanced charging accessibility, and improved operational efficiency for fleet operators.

4 | LeasePlan

The platform’s comprehensive services, EV adoption strategies, maintenance, and charging infrastructure planning make LeasePlan a successful business model.

Challenges include managing diverse client needs and ensuring seamless transitions. Successes are marked by effective EV fleet integrations, reduced operational costs, and significant contributions to organisational sustainability.

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3 | Frost & Sullivan

Renowned for its in-depth market research and consulting services focused on emerging technologies, particularly EVs.

It covers market trends, competitive analysis, and growth opportunities, helping organisations make informed decisions about fleet electrification.

Challenges include staying ahead of rapid industry changes and providing actionable insights.

Successes include guiding clients through successful EV transitions, optimising fleet operations, and identifying strategic growth opportunities, thus positioning clients competitively in the evolving EV market.

2 | KPMG

This platform stands out for its comprehensive consulting services, such as strategic advice, market analysis, and risk assessment, tailored for the EV ecosystem.

Unique for its in-depth industry expertise, KPMG supports businesses in navigating the complexities of the EV market.

Despite challenges like rapidly evolving technology and regulatory landscapes, KPMG has enabled clients to innovate and manage risks effectively.

McKinsey & Company

1 | McKinsey & Company

McKinsey is known for its strategic consulting services, particularly in the EV sector. It offers market entry strategies, operational improvements, and technological advancements, catering to a diverse client base.

Despite challenges like the fast-paced nature of the EV industry and complex technological demands, McKinsey has achieved significant success.

Their expertise has enabled clients to innovate and optimise operations.


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