Top 10 EV industry startups driving automotive innovation

With its multiple facets, we recognise mobility requires various business types to make it work. We’re showcasing those that are looking to the future of m

The EV conversation used to revolve solely around cars. But, as we learn more about electrification and the opportunities that it provides for tech firms and other sustainable businesses, it’s clear that there’s no one solution that can eliminate our impact on the planet. 

Knowing this, it seems fitting to highlight some of the different industries driving the future of mobility and shed light on the fastest-growing startups to bring new and innovative solutions to the field.

10. Zoox 

Road tested for the first time in February 2023, the Amazon-owned business is developing robotaxis to transport riders by means of autonomous driving. The Zoox vehicle marks a new era of mobility with internally-facing seats and no steering wheel—meaning nobody needs to drive. 

The car is designed to be symmetrical, making pickups and drop-offs as seamless as possible. We can expect to see more of this innovative automobile from Zoox in the near-future.

9. Aptiv

Providing an innovative, integrated vehicle brain and nervous system, Aptiv’s mission is all about customers and how it supports them in the creation of software-defined vehicles. In the process, the company also gets to work on some of the most significant mobility challenges, such as autonomous driving development, vehicle electrification, and advanced driver assistance and safety systems. 

Aptiv’s team firmly believes in global change and that mobility is a catalyst for sustainable impact.

8. Volta Charging

Volta is leading the charge towards a cleaner, more sustainable future by building a unique network of charging stations that power EVs and drive business growth. 

With a keen eye for sustainable principles and positive environmental impact, Volta delivers significant value to site partners, brands, and consumers by installing charging stations that feature large-format digital advertising screens.

7. Fisker 

Built from the ground up as a sustainable OEM, Fisker is now manufacturing its Fisker Ocean for delivery in its first limited run of 5,000 cars. Leveraging sustainable materials, the company prides itself on reusing compounds like ocean plastics to build its EVs. 

Not only does the Fisker Ocean help keep the air clean, but it also does its part for the ocean, too, and so will the company’s latest concepts, the Pear and Ronin.

6. Rad Power Bikes 

Coming up with multiple solutions to electrify and simplify the daily commute, Rad Power Bikes is a Seattle-based business founded in 2007. The company is currently making waves with its groundbreaking direct-to-consumer business model and rapidly expanding team. 

In the process, the company is breaking down barriers to energy and democratising the world of e-bikes, bringing them to hundreds of thousands of riders across the globe.

5. FreeWire Technologies 

Innovative, ultra-fast charging technology is one of the most in-demand solutions of the decade, and FreeWire Technologies’ development work is crucial to accelerating such products. Backed by BlackRock, BP, ABB, and many other capital investors, the company owns a fully-integrated solution to provide a reliable energy supply at the grid edge. 

The solution also allows the creation of new business models without the constant need for updated energy infrastructure.

4. WeaveGrid 

The company develops a platform to solve some of the inherent grid integration challenges in e-mobility and provides a solution to assist with clean energy prosperity.

By integrating renewable energy on the grid, improving EV drivers’ experience, and accelerating EV adoption, WeaveGrid’s systems-oriented approach helps utilities prepare for the unprecedented change that vehicle electrification will bring.

3. Vinfast 

An electric car maker that you perhaps haven’t heard of, VinFast is navigating the cost rises and struggles of an EV startup while collaborating with a major auto company, Pininfarina. 

Owned by Vin Group, VinFast’s approach to electrification is driven by the creation of a better life for people. The Vietnamese car company is working with international professionals to drive innovation through the EV brand and create a sustainable future for automotive. 

The company believes in a smart, safe, and environmentally-conscious approach to e-mobility.

2. Zenobe Energy 

Zenobe Energy’s story is one of a clean nature as it strives for infrastructure sustainability to reach net-zero carbon emissions. The company designs, finances, constructs, and operates battery storage solutions, capturing renewable energy and encouraging a greener supply of energy for the electrical revolution. 

The company was founded in the UK’s capital, London, in 2017 and is preparing to build the country’s largest capacity battery facility—a world-first project that will act as a catalyst for renewable energy and, ultimately, EV rollout. 

Aside from that, Zenobe is proud to contribute to the circular economy of batteries, which is achieved by saving materials, carbon, and cost, with a monumental impact on the industry. Having raised £520mn worth of funds, Zenobe transformed that number into 435MW of grid-connected battery storage.

1. Canoo

The brand itself almost operates in the background as it works to develop a unique, electrified product offering. Canoo has four product offerings, including a lifestyle vehicle, MPDV, and pickup truck—the fourth is its purpose-built EV platform. 

Canoo’s vehicles are expected to be seen roaming in the colours of US retail giant Walmart. There is also a plan in place to ensure the company wear’s NASA’s logo at the point of the first human lunar landing—with three customised LV models delivered to NASA by June 2023. 

But, despite its unorthodox design principles, Canoo represents a shift in mobility and builds cars of the future that are designed for utility and fun.


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