XPENG Motors expands and innovates as EV interest grows

With technology at heart, XPENG Motors is expanding its EV network, partnering with Freesbe in Israel, and delivering revolutionary technology products

Over the past few years, the mobility landscape evolved significantly to keep up with the pace of change. Sentiments towards travel have grown in a new direction with sustainable solutions at the heart, which is creating more opportunities for market entry. 

One of the organisations that is new to the industry, but is also driving great change from its home in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, is the pure-play electric vehicle (EV) maker Guangzhou Xiaopeng Automotive Technology—known to the public as XPENG Motors

The company is a leading smart EV business with a major emphasis on technological intelligence within cars. Not only does the company align its actions with the increasing urgency around climate change, but is also dedicated to research and exploring new ways of mobility for the future. 

Working with a new strategic partner, Freesbe, the company will leverage its sales and service network to expand its commercial prospects in the Israeli market—bringing its intelligent electrified automobiles to the country. 

"We have seen the huge potential of the Israel EV market and would like to bring local customers a new level of sophistication with our leading technologies and premium EV products,” says Eric Xu, VP International Markets, XPENG. 

“We believe in Freesbe sharing the same vision and ambition putting customers at the heart and collaborating comprehensively”.

Freesbe is listed in Israel and operates one of the largest car dealership networks in the country, representing the likes of Nissan, Infiniti, Renault, DACIA, and other major automotive brands. The service offered to customers, lease4u, is also on the same scale. Working with Freesbe will allow XPENG to fulfil a new area of its international expansion plan. 

This beneficial partnership for both companies will further develop the EV presence in Israel with an added vehicle to the Freesbe portfolio, and will yield positive outcomes for XPENG as both companies aim to capitalise on the progressive industry transition. The automaker firmly believes that technology is the key to enabling more sustainable outcomes in the automotive industry and acts as a catalyst for worldwide EV transition. 

"Freesbe is proud and excited to launch the partnership with XPENG, says Isaac Weitz, CEO of Freesbe. 

“XPENG outstanding products and vision altogether with Freesbe leadership and powerful infrastructure will lead the way for a powerful winning role in the Israeli premium EV growing market"

An image of the future—XPENG Motors' X2 flying car

XPENG goes beyond electric passenger car innovation

XPENG is known for delivering EVs with exceptional digital capabilities and is massively guided by self-driving capabilities to meet future mobility trends. Xmart OS is the company’s intelligent in-car operating system, which is built to support drivers with the best-in-class features accompanied by its XPILOT solution, which was all developed in-house. It’s safe to say that XPENG’s cars are centred around technology and we’ll likely see the company endeavour to enable autonomy in the future. 

But, there is more to the company than just ground transportation as the business looks to expand its offering to the skies above our heads

If we’re to say the company is ‘going off the beaten track’ this is an understatement as the Chinese automaker and innovator is now exploring ideas for what can only be described as an electrified flying car. 

XPENG is already at the stage of developing its 5th generation flying car, the X2, which is a glimpse into the future to say the least. The vehicle builds on the latest trends of drone-like propeller configurations and we see this as a potential contributor to airborne mobility in the decades to come. While there are next to no consumers that could own one an X2, it shows that innovators are certainly working on bringing flight into the fold. 


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