AEHRA’s teased Sedan EV brought to the public at MIMO 2023

Following the release of the SUV, AEHRA impresses the crowd at the Monza circuit, unveiling its latest endeavour—an ultra-premium Sedan electric vehicle

The ultra-premium electric vehicle (EV) segment welcomes a new selection of vehicles to the automotive industry. But, one company dares to be different as it acquires the expertise and knowledge to develop groundbreaking luxury cars that echo the design principles of modern Italian culture.

The Italy-based AEHRA is back with a sister vehicle to its previously announced SUV, which was unveiled at MIMO 2023 at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza. The company’s next model is a Sedan that provides a second string to the company’s ultra-premium brand as it looks to disrupt the industry with a unique, electric-first design style, shaping its cars around the driver and the electrical propulsion system. 

While the second car follows a similar pattern of a simplified title, it takes many of the design characteristics of the SUV and treats them with signature graphics and adaptations to the front and rear of the vehicle. Releasing such a car into the world at the MIMO automotive show marks a major step for the business and puts the future in front of the eyes of thousands—alongside more than 50 other exhibitors on the day. 

“With the AEHRA Sedan, we have had the boldness to go even further and fully exploit the exceptional design freedom born out of our founder Hazim Nada’s philosophy and vision, and AEHRA’s ground-breaking use of only the most advanced technologies that the global automotive and aeronautic industries have to offer,” explains Filippo Perini, Head of Design at AEHRA

“The design of the AEHRA Sedan is inspired by numerous sources. In Italy, it is often said we exist in a living museum. The influence of art and architecture is all around us, and beauty is all around us. A beauty that stems from purity of expression and aesthetic functionality.”

AEHRA Sedan revealed at MIMO 2023

A milestone in a new electrified era of automotive

As we saw in the SUV, released in November 2022, the company is no stranger to taking turns others would only dream of at this time. 

Recognising that its vehicles will inevitably enter a new era of automotive, this takes the meaning of the company to a whole new level. The result being a design language that is simple, elegant, and uncomplicated, which is now expressed in the new Sedan. 

AEHRA Sedan at Monza

The brand’s ‘division’ approach sets it apart from others on the market, as it incorporates more technical elements into a Sedan, such as active aerodynamic and cooling elements, built into the lower section. From an electrical perspective, the Sedan will feature technology resulting from its partnership with Miba Battery Systems, as it incorporates a bespoke battery solution to be leveraged by both of its cars. 

One of the companies unique approaches to design led to the inclusion of a monocoque sheet-mould carbon body, which utilises some of the best technology offered to the Italian car scene via supercar and hypercar innovators in the country. By enabling the use of such materials, AEHRA’s cars are able to reuse carbon-fibre from the industry and employ local talent to make its cars for its high-end customers. 

The AEHRA SUV featured at EV Magazine LIVE 2023

“The debut of the AEHRA Sedan, just eight months after we revealed our first SUV model and the recent announcement of our partnership with Miba Battery Systems, confirms that AEHRA remains firmly on track in its strategic mission to deliver a step-change in the design, customer, and ownership experience of ultra-premium electric vehicles,” says Hazim Nada, Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive

Officer of AEHRA

“The first customer deliveries of the AEHRA Sedan and AEHRA SUV will commence by 2026. And when the final production variants take to the road, they will look virtually identical to the models we have revealed, ensuring no compromise on our promise to combine an extraordinary driving and ownership experience with exceptional design and technology.”


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