Driving Inclusive Change Across the Electric Vehicle Sector

On International Women’s Day 2024, MG Motor India, McLaren, Lime & Polestar, led the call for women’s inclusion, from factory floor to the road

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day was ‘Inspire inclusion’. Here’s four electric vehicle manufacturers doing just that. 


Inclusive opportunities at MG Motor India

As a part of its ‘Drive Her Back’ initiative, MG Motor India aims to provide inclusive and equal opportunities across the company. 

“At MG, we're committed to inclusivity,” the company posted on X. “With 37% women in our workforce, we're driving change to achieve 50%. Join us this Women's Day in making the world more equitable and complete.”

Through the programmes offered by MG Motor India, women are offered training in work focus, stress management, personality development and more. 


Women dream fiercely at McLaren

McLaren Automotive released a video to celebrate its female staff.

"International Women's Day is a very important day,” said Cristina Gutiérrez, driver for the NEOM McLaren Extreme E team. “It is a day for us to showcase what we can do, inspire other women, and fight for the rights of women around the world. Through initiatives like this collaboration with Vantage, I hope to inspire young girls to pursue their dreams fearlessly, love themselves, and never stop fighting for their rights."

Lime offers a lifeline to vulnerable women

Women’s Aid and electric bike manufacturer Lime have partnered together to assist survivors of domestic abuse, with access to free e-bike and e-scooter travel in London. 

“It is a tragic reality that 1 in 4 women in England will experience domestic abuse at some point in their life, making it more important than ever for businesses to play their part in supporting them fleeing from abuse and we are delighted to see Lime take the lead,” said Farah Nazeer, CEO at Women’s Aid. “Women leaving their abusers often have to attend a number of appointments to establish this new start and free travel is a fantastic way to help them get there.”

Lime is committed to supporting the communities it operates in. We are honoured to be supporting Women’s Aid and are huge advocates for the important work that they continue to conduct and campaign for each year.

“It is our hope that we can play a small part in helping victims as they rebuild their lives in refuge through providing free active travel options, and a discounted service to Women’s Aid staff,” said Alice Pleasant, Public Affairs Manager at Lime. 


From armrests to fingernails at Polestar

Over at PoleStar, Bethany Martin, Ergonomics Attribute Lead, works hard to ensure inclusion is upheld across the company. 

“It's extremely important to have a diverse pool of participants,” she said. “In the Vehicle Integration and Ergonomics team, this issue is always front of mind. We know that there is a wide spectrum of sizes and shapes that we would like to cater to.”

The team makes sure to accommodate different body frames, such as smaller heights and stature ranges, because it tends to include more females. 

“I also try to consider, for example, other features such as having longer fingernails, examining how that affects which switch or handle you can or cannot use. Smaller females, for example, might not be able to use the armrest. In those cases, I examine whether that poses a problem in relation to other functions and so on.”


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