Top 10: Electric Trucks

Models made by Alpha, Ford, General Motors, Rivian, Chevrolet, Edison Future, Atlis Motor Vehicles, Ram & Tesla have made our Top 10 Electric Trucks

10. Alpha SuperWolf

Maximum Range: 300 Miles

For Alpha, the goal is to make EVs more accessible - and the Alpha SuperWolf does just that, in addition to streamlining expansion toward net-zero emissions. 

The truck takes drivers from 0-60mp in under six seconds, while its LED signature headlights keep drivers safe on the road. Inside the electric truck, the interior accommodates five intrepid passengers, with a digital display for the driver, as well as Bluetooth and a premium sound system.


9. Ford F-150 Lightning

Maximum Range: 320 Miles

Ford is popular as a fleet and a personal vehicle. When fitted with the standard battery it offers 452 horsepower. The F-150 Lightning has a range of up to 320 miles, can tow up to 10,000 pounds, and features more cargo space and a swankier interior than its ICE counterpart. The F-150 will cost between US$55,974 and US$96,874.

Smart technology features include a centre-stack touchscreen, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as BlueCruise Hands-Free Highway Driving127 and a 360-degree camera. Finally, the vehicle offers software updates to get the latest out of Ford’s technology.


8. GMC Hummer EV SUV

Maximum Range: 381 Miles

For those who enjoy extreme off-road driving, the 2024 GMC Hummer Electric Vehicle 3X Omega Edition offers gloss-black beadlock-capable wheels on the outside, with luxury carpet flooring on the inside, so drivers can drive in comfort. The truck comes in a limited-edition Neptune Blue Matte exterior colour and includes transparent sky panels.

The GMC Hummer EV SUV’s one-pedal driving offers controlled acceleration and deceleration, with just the accelerator. Its Regenerative Braking slows down and repurposes that energy to help extend driving range.

GMC Hummer

7. GMC Sierra EV

Maximum Range: 400 Miles

Starting at US$97,500, the GMC Sierra EV can go 0-60 mph in less than five seconds, but if you’re interested, you’ll have to wait, as reservations are currently full. 

The Sierra’s available super cruise driver-assistance technology and 4-Wheel Steer offers unmatched drive. Inside, the geometric quilting and horizontal cross-car lines emphasise the Sierra’s spaciousness. The truck supports drivers in luxury and in times of crisis. During power outages, the battery can power essential devices and services in the home, when properly equipped, for up to 21 days.


6. Rivian R1T

Maximum Range: 410 Miles

Rivian R1T lets drivers hear the gravel beneath them and see the night sky above as they drive. This electric truck has been built for drivers to connect with the world around us. 

The R1T is designed to enhance drivers’ wildest adventures - whether driving through water, over rocks or any terrain, it offers 14.9 inches of ground clearance and can reach 60 mph in three seconds. As a connected car, the R1T offers in-vehicle software and an app to ensure a safe drive. This is the all-purpose on-road sports car, equipped to take you on your next adventure.

Rivian R1T

5. Chevrolet Silverado EV

Maximum Range: 450 Miles

Silverado EV provides an electrified combination of performance and capability. Its Level 2 charging requires professional installation for optimal at-home charging and will fit into drivers’ daily routines. 

The myChevrolet Mobile App also helps drivers manage their electric lifestyle. Users can smartly plan their routes, find compatible public charging station locations and real time availability. 

By using the GM Energy PowerShift and GM Energy Vehicle-to-Home Enablement Kit, drivers can direct power from their car to their home, to keep the power on for up to 21 days in the event of a blackout.

Chevrolet Silverado EV

4. Edison Future EF1-T

Maximum Range: 450 Miles

Regardless of weather conditions, the Edison Future EF1-T’s uniquely designed solar mosaic panel offers a visual signature while recharging the batteries. 

Passengers can choose the car’s climate and music through the floating 17.5″ infotainment touchscreen controls. 

Perhaps because of its namesake, the engineers behind the Edison Future EF1-T put a lot of thought into its lighting. The integrated LED reading lights provide comfortable visibility to each row without blinding the driver and a larger light illuminates the whole cabin, while lighting strips inside the upper door and dashboard create a cool ambient effect.

Edison Future EF1-T

3. Atlis XT

Maximum Range: 500 Miles

The Atlis team is reimagining the future of work and aims to challenge normality. The Energy division at Atlis has more than US$300m in potential battery cell and battery pack commitments, allowing the team to reimagine their everyday drive. 

When driving the Atlis XT, a category-defining, work-focused pickup truck, its battery technology works from the ground up with the first AMV Cube Cell, capable of charging from 0-100% in less than 15 minutes while providing consistent performance in any environment.

Atlis XT

2. Ram 1500 REV

Maximum Range: 500 Miles

The all-electric, zero-emission Ram 1500 REV offers exceptional benchmarks in towing, payload and charge time. Drivers can launch from 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds and wade through 24 inches of water.

The Ram 1500 REV comes with a new exterior design, cutting-edge technology and exceptional electric capability. 

The 14.5-inch touchscreen can monitor a vehicle’s charging status, note nearby charging stations and access paired smartphones with full-colour graphics. If you need any more persuasion, the front seats offer passengers a massage. 

It’s now available for preorder.

Ram 1500 REV

1. Tesla Cybertruck

Maximum Range: 500 Miles

This truck wouldn’t look out of place on an 80s movie set, predicting what the 2020s would look like. The stainless-steel exoskeleton reduces the impact of dents and corrosion, while its electronically adaptive air suspension provides 12 inches of travel and 16 inches of clearance. The armour glass can resist the impact of Class 4 hail and yet ensures that the cabin is kept quiet. 

But in keeping with the style of its CEO, the Tesla Cybertruck is not far from controversy. In a social media post that has since gone viral, a Tesla Cybertruck was reported to have broken down after going through a car wash - two months after it was purchased. The driver shared that the cybertruck was bulletproof, but not waterproof, despite been advertised as ‘durable and rugged enough to go anywhere’.


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