Revolutionising Urban Mobility With Maeving's E-Motorcycles

E-Motorcycle Brand Maeving Builds Classically Styled and Practical Models With Modern Technology. Co-Founder Seb Inglis-Jones Shares His 2024 Predictions

Maeving is the UK’s first and largest e-motorcycle brand, founded in 2018. The bikes are both classically styled as well as practical, combining design heritage with electric vehicle technology. 

Seb Inglis-Jones is the Co-Founder of Maeving and he shared his 2024 predictions with us.

Revolutionising urban mobility at Maeving

“The big excitement for us this year was expanding our young company into international markets for the first time, fuelling our growth ambitions and expectations for 2024. In anticipation of international demand, we are currently in the process of moving into a new factory in Coventry that will allow us to increase capacity, enabling us to produce up to 15,000 units per year; important as we start to make significant inroads into Benelux, Germany, and the US.”

Growth in 2023 was primarily driven by Maeving’s latest electric motorcycle, the Maeving RM1S, which has been hugely rewarding for the company. 

“We sold our first 100 units within an unprecedented 4 hours, which, for a British company hand-building motorcycles in the Midlands, is no small feat,” said Inglis-Jones. “Customers have always loved the heritage design of our first model, the RM1, with its removable batteries that allow you to charge the bike at any standard socket, so we’ve done our best to retain the same first principles whilst significantly increasing the performance of our new model.”

Whilst the RM1S is still aimed primarily at urban riding, with twice the power and a top speed of 70mph, it is now highway capable and brings emission-free riding within reach of those whose journeys might include A-roads or a motorway spell.

“This is particularly important for markets like the US with its more expansive urban and suburban geographies, and greater reliance on highways. Whilst the RM1 has been the best-selling electric motorcycle in the UK since we launched it in 2022, we believe the RM1S is the bike that will spearhead significant growth in 2024. There is no other EV on the market that offers this mix of performance, practicality, and – dare we say it – good looks. We truly believe it’s the best example of the thesis that there is no faster, funner, cleaner and more affordable way of getting around town than on an electric motorcycle or scooter.”


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