Top 10 EV-focused events across the globe

The electric vehicle discussion is well underway and, thanks these 10 events, developments in charging, infrastructure and EVs continues in 2022

Industry experts coming together is what makes electric vehicle EV adoption one of the most exciting and fast-growing industries in the world right now. Both newcomers and veterans of mobility are keen to discuss e-mobility as a sustainable solution to future transport. The conference calendar provides many opportunities for this and here are 10 that you should have in your diary every year. 

1. UK Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Charging Infrastructure Symposium

Location: United Kingdom

Dates: 5th - 6th September 2022

Focusing primarily on UK infrastructure, the Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Charging Infrastructure Symposium will share great insights that could be applied globally. The country is well into its electrification journey, taking significant strides to install charging stations throughout. Held at London’s County Hall, the conference will be addressing the successes from the industry and the challenges that are yet to come. 

2. Sustainability LIVE  

Location: United Kingdom

Dates: 7th - 8th September 2022

The second Sustainability LIVE of 2022 will now play host to EV organisations and manufacturers as they showcase their sustainability commitments and share insights and partnership discussions through hybrid networking. 

The industry-sponsored event is the second of its kind and has grown to fill a new venue in September—the Business Design Centre, London. 

3. World EV Day

Location: Global 

Dates: 9th September 2022

It wouldn’t be a global initiative with a day to represent its sustainable achievements. The EV industry will be celebrated on World EV day and manufacturers, businesses and consumers will recognise the progress made in the EV industry. 

4. Fully Charged Live 

Location: United States

Dates: 10th - 11th September 2022

The EV-centric show will be coming to San Diego, in mid-September as it returns to the US. Presented by Robert Llewellyn, the show covers all things electric from cars and bikes to the latest e-mobility solutions for decarbonising cities and new concepts that could change the way we travel internationally. 

5. The Battery Show

Location: United States 

Dates: 13th - 15th September 2022

Addressing some of the critical developments in EV Technology, The Battery Show brings together top-industry executives to discuss the next steps in sustainability and puts emphasis on all areas of the battery industry from sourcing to manufacturing. 

6. EVM Asia 2022

Location: Malaysia

Dates: 27th - 29th September 2022 

The event is sure to be a hit as it is supported by its sponsors; leaders in the automotive and technology industries, including Tesla, Nissan, Proton, Toyota, Schneider Electric, and ABB. As EV adoption becomes a primary focus for Asia, the emphasis on infrastructure and manufacturing goes hand-in-hand with the shift to electric and hybrid models. 

7. CEVVE 2022

Location: China

Dates: 28th - 30th September 2022

The International Conference on Electric Vehicle and Vehicle Engineering (CEVVE) 2022 acts as a platform for scientists, researchers and engineers to provide the latest insights that will shape the future of the EV industry. As the leading country for EV adoption, China will host the event in Hefei. 

8. EV World Congress

Location: United Kingdom 

Dates: 5th - 7th October 2022

It has gained the attention of energy firms and technology companies as they sponsor the EV World Congress. The event will be held at Leonardo Royal Hotel Tower Bridge, London, and focuses on some of the most pressing topics in the EV industry, including fleet services and integration, infrastructure development, and strategies for renewable energy adoption. 

9. eMove360

Location: Germany 

Dates: 5th - 7th October 2022 

Taking place in Messe Berlin Hall 25 & Hub 27, the eMove360 conference covers all critical topics from battery production to hydrogen-fuelling and e-mobility. These are the major topics that drive a sustainable future and, to support these, speakers will attend from some of the leading automotive organisations and technology development firms. 

10. Battery Technology Show

Location: United Kingdom

Dates: 11th October 

The Battery Technology Show & Conference 2022 is the next instalment of the event. Based in the UK, the conference is focused on the heart of every electric vehicle, the battery. Previously the show has featured many technical minds and industry experts that have helped shaped the mindset around EV technology today. 


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