ev.energy & BeWorks Automation Accessible Charging Grants

Fidan Javadova, CEO & Founder of BeWorks Automation, tells us why a new grant could propel accessibility & inclusivity within the EV charging sector

Across the world, efforts are being made to secure grants for EV development, particularly in regards to EV charging.

In a win for affordable smart charging programmes aimed at supporting poorer communities, EV smart charging software maker ev.energy has secured a US$41m grant, from the California Energy Commission (CEC). 

Meanwhile, engineering specialists at BeWorks Automation have secured a £68,200 (USD$86,400) grant from the Innovate UK Design Foundations Grant, designed to fund research and studies on Voice-User-Interface (VUI) technology. 


Charging for change at ev.energy for sustainable EV charging

The state of California is home to electric vehicle manufacturers such as Tesla, Lucid Motors, Rivian, Faraday Future and Fisker. As a result, the state is under pressure to provide enough electricity for all of the vehicles, from cars to scooters, tractors to bicycles.

Under the grant from The California Energy Commission "Responsive, Easy Charging Products with Dynamic Signals" (REDWDS) programme, EV owners can charge their electric vehicles at off-peak times, when electricity is at its least expensive, which will reduce strain on the grid. From April, ev.energy will begin rolling out subsidised services to up to 275,000 people across California. 

"The grid can get very stressed and the utilities have been really worried about all these electric vehicles charging at peak times and exacerbating all of the issues California's energy system faces,"  Nick Woolley, ev.energy CEO.

EV magazine recently met with ev.energy’s Jeremy Yapp, Policy and Regulation Director, for a deep dive into ev.energy's app and its role in greener, cheaper and smarter EV charging. 

Read the full interview here

Accessibility & inclusivity within the EV charging sector

BeWorks Automation advances EV charging accessibility for people with disabilities

It is hoped that BeWorks Automation’s grant from Innovate UK will go on to support EV drivers with disabilities. 

Alongside their design partner, Kinneir Dufort, the two will conduct research and feasibility studies surrounding the challenges of Al-incorporated Voice-User-Interface technology for EV charging. With a focus on accessibility challenges, this will look at the impact of EV charging on individuals with disabilities.

“The grant from Innovate UK signifies a significant step forward in advancing accessibility and inclusivity within the EV charging sector,” said Fidan Javadova, CEO & Founder of BeWorks Automation. “By further developing a Voice User Interface for our EV charging stations, we're aiming to make charge points more accessible and user-friendly for all individuals, regardless of age or ability. The VUI AI feature will serve as an additional user interface functionality for EV drivers. Combined with the retractable automated cable management mechanism, these features will provide different users with a wider level of inclusivity and an enhanced user experience.

“In terms of wider implications, our project has the potential to set a new standard for accessibility in EV charging, paving the way for a more inclusive EV infrastructure that caters to a broader spectrum of users, including those with special needs. This isn't just a technological advancement; it's a step towards a more equitable and accessible future for all.

“As we progress with the VUI technology, we're strategically looking to forge partnerships with accessibility accreditation bodies, corporates, public sector and established Chargepoint Operators (CPOs) within the UK. These collaborations will not only validate but also implement the VUI concept scenarios we've developed. We're excited about the potential of these collaborations and are committed to pushing the boundaries of inclusive design within the industry.”


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