Ekoenergetyka's UK Bus Charging Vision

Ekoenergetyka bus charging in Malmo
Poland's Ekoenergetyka, a leader in European EV charging, plans to expand into the UK market with advanced technology and innovative high-power solutions

Poland-based EV charging company Ekoenergetyka, already a dominant player in many European cities, is set to expand its presence in the UK. The company is also on the verge of developing its first 1,000 kW charging station, adding 30 kW to 400 kW chargers to its existing range.

Neal Gaughan, Ekoenergetyka Key Account Manager, UK & Ireland

Speaking at the Mobility Re-Imagined—MOVE 2024, Neal Gaughan, Key Account Manager for the UK and Ireland, emphasised Ekoenergetyka's stronghold in the European electric bus charging market. "We have a very large share of electric bus charging in Europe," Gaughan said. We have existed as a UK entity since August 2023 and should be making a big announcement soon."

CEO & Co-Founder Bartosz Kubik

Ekoenergetyka's website highlights its innovative drive and commitment to reducing transport emissions through high-power charging solutions for electric passenger cars, buses, and heavy-duty vehicles. Over the past decade, the company has grown from a two-person operation to an organisation with around 1,000 employees, acquiring customers across Europe and becoming a leader in charging technologies in Central and Eastern Europe. The company's headquarters and production base are located in Zielona Gora, Poland, which fittingly means 'green mountain.'

UK Market: A unique challenge

Entering the UK market presents unique challenges compared to mainland Europe. Neal explained, "The UK market is much more about funding from the private sector. The UK government provides minimal funding, focusing more on tax incentives for fleets.

The private sector is doing everything it can, but it needs more investment in infrastructure."

Despite these challenges, Ekoenergetyka's strong reputation and trust with significant operators set it apart. "We've invested 15 million Euros into upgrading our facilities. Our reputation is for high-quality production. We have equipment that has been on the ground for years and is still working the same as on day one," Neal added.

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Putting it to the test

One of Ekoenergetyka's standout features is its state-of-the-art testing facilities and rigorous protocols. Neal emphasised, "We've got very impressive testing chambers that simulate all conditions that stations may endure: extreme heat, snow, sand, salt water, ice, and more."

Optimism for the future

Neal remains optimistic about the future of the EV charging sector. He noted, "You sometimes hear doom and gloom in the EV space, but most people now accept there's a place for electric vehicles. And the business sector is leading the charge, embracing it."

Ekoenergetyka's ambitious plans for the UK, backed by its innovation, robust testing, and strong market presence in Europe, signal a promising expansion into the British EV charging landscape. With its high-power solutions and commitment to quality, Ekoenergetyka is poised to impact the UK's electric mobility future significantly.


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