Drive Further with ERANGE EV Tires

Enhance your EV journey with ERANGE EV tires. Enjoy superior performance, reduced range anxiety & a quieter ride with advanced technology

Despite the growing popularity of EVs, range anxiety remains a significant concern for many drivers. Engineers continually strive to extend battery life, develop more efficient charging points, and optimise engine designs.

However, a groundbreaking solution lies in the innovative design of ERANGE EV tires, which offer longer-lasting performance and reduced rolling resistance, directly addressing range anxiety.

Advanced technology for enhanced performance

ERANGE EV are not just tires, they are a testament to advanced technology. Utilising proprietary Sailun EcoPoint3 liquid phase mixing technology they elevate the EV driving experience.

The technology ensures that the tires last longer and perform better by reducing rolling resistance and filtering out road noise, making for a quieter and more comfortable journey.

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Wide range of sizes

Available in 37 sizes with rim dimensions ranging from 15 to 22 inches, ERANGE EV tires provide options to fit various vehicles. Whether driving a compact car, an SUV, or a pickup truck, the design of the ERANGE EV tires ensures you stay in charge of your electric journey.

Maximising EV potential

ERANGE EV tires are specifically engineered to enhance EV performance. They reduce rolling resistance to extend the range achievable on a single charge, thereby maximising an EV's potential.

ERANGE tyres deliver a superior driving experience

Increased load-bearing capacity

To accommodate the extra weight of vehicle batteries, ERANGE EV tires come with increased load-bearing capacity. It is made possible by our innovative reinforced sidewall design, which provides extra strength and stability, ensuring crisp handling and cornering. The design feature not only enhances safety but delivers a superior driving experience compared to traditional tires.

Balanced performance

Using liquid phase mixing EcoPoint3 technology, ERANGE EV tires strike the perfect balance between long-lasting tyre life and maintaining grip and traction on various wet and dry road surfaces, resulting in optimal safety and performance across all conditions. The innovative technology involves a unique process where the rubber compounds are mixed in a liquid phase, allowing for a more uniform distribution of materials and enhancing the tyre's overall performance and durability.

ERANGE Tyres Available in 37 sizes with rim dimensions

Commitment to quality and performance

Sailun, the brand behind ERANGE, is not just a tyre manufacturer. It is a team dedicated to delivering actual value and affordable, real-world performance. The team at Sailun designs, manufactures, and supports a range of tires, including winter, all-season, off-road and ultra-high-performance models. Sailun's commitment to quality is not just a promise, it is a guarantee backed by industry-leading tread life warranties, ensuring that you receive premium products that represent a smart choice for consumers and an easy sell for retailers.

Enhanced driving experience

ERANGE EV tires feature 'SilentTread™' technology, which has been rigorously tested in both labs and real-world conditions to meet the highest road safety standards. The technology incorporates a unique tread pattern and specially formulated rubber compounds that not only handle the instant torque of EVs but  significantly reduce road noise, ensuring a quiet, comfortable, and safe ride. The advanced tread patterns and rubber compounds are designed to deliver dynamic driving performance across various road conditions, further enhancing your driving experience.

Warranty coverage

ERANGE EV tires come with extensive warranty coverage: 50,000 miles or 60 months for EVs and hybrids and 80,000 miles or 60 months for traditional gas vehicles. The comprehensive coverage is designed to provide you with peace of mind, protecting your future miles and ensuring you can drive confidently with ERANGE EV tires.

With ERANGE EV tires, you can enhance your electric drive, enjoy a quieter ride, and maximise your EV's range. Embrace the future of driving confidently and stay in charge with ERANGE EV tires.


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