Could Dyson’s new CEO Kirner Drive Company into EV Market?

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Dyson, the Global Household Brand, Embraces Change as Hanno Kirner, a Battery Technology Expert, Assumes Leadership and Signals in a new era of Innovation

Global leading vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dyson is entering a transformative phase with the appointment of a new CEO, Hanno Kirner, a seasoned professional with expertise in battery technology.

Kirner, formerly associated with luxury automotive giants such as Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, and Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), replaces outgoing leader Roland Krueger. His appointment marks a strategic move by Dyson to diversify into new industries, with a particular emphasis on advancing battery technology and EV.

Quoting founder Sir James Dyson, Kirner's selection is seen as a move that "will bring... a wealth of experience across multiple industries."

Meet Dyson’s new CEO: Hanno Kirner's impressive background

A veteran in high-ranking roles within prominent luxury automotive manufacturers, Kirner served as the Chief Financial Officer for the Land and Sea Division at Rolls Royce and Aston Martin. His previous roles include Director of Finance and IT at Rolls Royce, work at BMW, and a consultancy position at Haarmann Hemmelrath & Partner.

Notably, Kirner sits on the Board of Trustees at The Faraday Institution, demonstrating a commitment to advancing battery science and technology. This unique blend of experience fuels anticipation about the strategic direction Kirner will lead Dyson towards.

Significance of Kirner’s appointment for battery and EV industries

Kirner, with two decades of experience in Britain’s motor industry under his belt, ushers in a new dawn for Dyson.

Previously, the brand had plans to build an electric car in 2017, but this was scrapped after £500 million (US$633.3m) worth of development failed to produce something deemed ‘commercially viable’.

Kirner's past involvement with battery technology at JLR, particularly within the Tata Group, offers insight into Dyson's future moves. JLR's collaboration with Chinese-owned battery maker AESC on a UK-based gigafactory aligns with Dyson's own strides in battery technology. Dyson's upcoming battery factory in Singapore, set to achieve large-scale production by 2025, underscores the company's commitment to innovation.

With an investment of nearly £3bn (US$3.8bn) in battery technology and cutting-edge technologies like AI, Dyson is poised for significant growth. The potential expansion into the electric vehicle (EV) space, fueled by Kirner's automotive industry experience, signals Dyson's intent to play a pivotal role in the evolving landscape of renewable energy and EV adoption.

Dyson's strategic move, guided by Kirner's leadership, positions the company at the forefront of innovation in battery technology and beyond.


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