Serving EMEA with Electric Maritime Transport Innovation

CEO, Dr Iain Percy OBE, explains how Artemis Technologies’ zero-emission vessels unlock the potential of EMEA’s waterways to offer an elevated experience

In the rapidly evolving world of sustainable maritime transportation, Artemis Technologies brings a modern form of innovation, enabling greater efficiency and a commercially-viable range. Led by CEO, Dr Iain Percy OBE, an Olympic gold medallist turned tech visionary, the company is redefining how we think about maritime travel and its impact on the environment.

Founded six years ago, Artemis Technologies emerged from Percy’s competitive sailing days in the America’s Cup. The company's unique approach combines his experience with technical prowess and a deep-rooted commitment to sustainability. "Artemis Technologies produce 100% electric foiling vessels that have, for the first time ever in the world, a viable range for commercial operations," Percy says, as he emphasises the importance of developing products that are both environmentally friendly and economically viable.

One of Artemis Technologies' most significant achievements is its patented Artemis eFoiler® system. This cutting-edge technology powers its range of 100% electric, hydrofoiling boats which includes a 150 passenger ferry and a luxury water taxi. These vessels advance maritime technology, offering both economic and sustainability advantages to users and partners in the Middle East and across the globe. 

In addition to producing zero emissions in operation, these green vessels offer further environmental and experiential benefits. “Wake is so damaging to our shoreline,” Percy continues, “By flying above the water, we are leaving just a thin line through the water”.

A partner of choice for organisations such as Red Sea Global (RSG), Artemis Technologies offers them the opportunity to perform their operations with zero emissions, helping them to fulfil their sustainability ambitions. Percy describes this partnership as a synergy of visions, where luxury meets sustainability.


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