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Top 10 cities at the forefront of sustainable urban mobility

These cities are leading the way in providing reliable, sustainable urban mobility networks that support the health and lifestyles of their populations

Top 10 female electrification leaders and innovators

Recognising IWD and the critical work of all electrification industries, here is an inclusive list of 10 influential female EV leaders and innovators

Top 10 best-selling electric vehicles in the US

In 2022, adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) became much more popular and we also saw a whole new array of electric vehicles enter the US automotive market

Top 10 technologies driving the shift to electric vehicles

Cars are evolving thanks to new technologies and here are 10 innovations that are pivotal in driving the adoption of electric vehicles in years to come

Top 10 electric vehicle charging providers in Europe

Shell, BP, and Siemens are among the top charging solutions providers building infrastructure for businesses and consumers to adopt electric vehicles


Top 10 autonomous delivery innovators you didn’t know about

Autonomy is coming, but these solutions take robotics and EVs to a whole new level with on-demand solutions and last-mile logistics innovations

Top 10 electric scooters for daily commuters

E-scooters have grown in popularity among private and public users, but shared mobility is the trend that is expected to grow as firms and cities electrify

Top 10 electric vehicle industry trends in the US

Electrification is a commercial endeavour and organisations will look to leverage EVs as of now, but what trends will they meet as the US makes the shift?