Technology Lists

Top 10: Electric Aviation Companies

EV Magazine ranks some of the companies developing sustainable, electric planes by revenue — these innovative companies include Boeing, RTX and Airbus

Top 10: E-Mobility Leaders

Sustainability Magazine and Energy Digital champions innovative and influential Chief Sustainability Officers (CSOs) leading energy companies

The year’s EV executive shifts driving electrification

Set to influence further electrification, we bring you the most recent executive moves from the EV sector with consideration for key events in 2023

Top 10 Electric Supercars

The fastest electric supercars on the market come from companies including Rimac, Aspark, Tesla, Deus, Lotus, Pininfarina, Lucid Air, Maserati and Nio


Top 10: eVTOL Innovators

EV Magazine recognises some of the innovative technologies and aircraft to be delivered by key aviation organisations to shift to electric mobility


Top 10: EV Technology Companies

EV Magazine brings you the top 10 EV technology businesses that impact the way companies build, operate and maintain electric and hybridised vehicles


Top 10: CEOs in EV

Driving the transition from internal combustion power to electric vehicles (EVs), these CEOs support their teams to deliver the future of automotive

Top 10: Electric Boat Companies

The leisure boating industry need not disappear amid the shift to electric, which is why these 10 boat makers are leveraging a new opportunity