Self Drive Articles

JLR opens new hubs to create self-driving technologies

New engineering hubs in Germany, Italy and Spain will develop next-generation autonomous technologies as part of JLR’s strategic partnership with NVIDIA

Zoox enables autonomous EVs and AI-service-driven vehicles

The latest project owned by Amazon, Zoox is pioneering a new format of mobility with its autonomous EVs built to provide electrified robotaxi services


How do autonomous vehicles fit into the US EV action plan?

The Biden-Harris Administration is gearing the US towards electrification and it seems autonomous vehicles could be crucial for its EV adoption plan

Tesla’s EV safety recall highlights OTA update capabilities

A load of Tesla Model Y EVs were recalled for safety reasons, but the company’s available to update over-the-air shows how far digital technology has come

Polestar integrates Luminar technology for autonomous EVs

Luminar technologies brings forth a new era of autonomous-electric vehicles, injecting safety systems into the Volvo EX90 and the dPolestar 3 EV models

HVS receives funding for the first self-driving hydrogen HGV

The E-mobility award winner, HVS has been granted government funding to develop the world’s first self-driving hydrogen HGV for commercial applications

McKinsey research shows A-EV challenges and opportunities

The consulting firm, McKinsey provides valuable insight into the next year of electrification and the conditions for A-EV innovators to weigh in the future


Sony will enter the autonomous electric vehicle market

In partnership with the automotive brand Honda, Sony released its latest endeavour, an autonomous, all-electric vehicle under a collaborative brand name