Self Drive Articles

Will self-driving EVs be safe to use on public highways?

Self-driving cars are coming, but there are risks to EV drivers when fully trusting their cars to transport them, such as cyber risk and malfunction

Volkswagen EV plans will reduce the cost of new automobiles

Price is very much a critical of EV adoption and Volkswagen is designing a new electric vehicle, which it expects to be a lower cost version of the ID.3


Baidu innovative technology and AI make EV autonomy possible

Baidu, the artificial intelligence (AI) company, offers solutions to enable electric vehicle (EV) innovation and technology for autonomous driving

Arrival’s self-driving vehicle demo marks huge AI capability

British American electric vehicle company Arrival has completed its first Automated Driving System demonstration for the first time without a human driver


Sony self-drive sensors make EVs more energy efficient

New self-driving sensors are currently in development at Sony Group to reduce the amount of electricity required by EVs for autonomous driving systems


Self-driving heavy-goods EVs will soon be on the road

Autonomous driving will soon be the differentiator between EVs, but the trucking companies are also gearing up to automate their commercial vehicle fleets

Apple Car is the technology firm’s smart drive solution

The technology giant, Apple is rumoured to be developing a smart self-driving electric vehicle to compete with the current leaders in the EV industry


BMW’s new iX boasts latest level 3 self driving technology

Self driving cars are inevitable and the BMW iX range is sporting the latest technology grade in automated driving, making it safe for everyone on the road