Siemens’ Smart Train Rental Offers Greater Fleet Capacity

Siemens Mobility’s subsidiary Smart Train Lease GmbH offers a new flexible leasing model for battery, hydrogen and electric multiple-unit trains

Siemens Mobility has founded a subsidiary, Smart Train Lease GmbH, to allow customers to add battery, hydrogen and electric multiple-unit Mireo Smart trains to their fleets. 

These trains will provide an economical alternative for regions that want to offer locals more forms of sustainable conveyance and are built to meet the standards for modern regional passenger transport. 


Smart Train Lease GmbH answers the call for short-term contracts with sustainable Mireo Smart Trains

Siemens Mobility is a part of Siemens, which provides rail traffic technology designed to ‘transform the everyday for everyone’. Siemens’ transport solutions are helping customers to shape the future of mobility for the world, with a holistic approach that integrates physical rail assets, digitalisation and automation. 

The global transition from diesel to sustainable transport technologies, with power from batteries and hydrogen, is driving big market changes. 

Previously, train rental contracts were only available for a long-term contract, there simply were no short-term rentals for small fleets. Smart Train Lease GmbH is ready to meet this demand.

The Mireo Smart has a top speed of 160 km/h and is available in electric, battery or hydrogen-powered multiple-unit trains. The trains are also equipped with modern air conditioning, WiFi service, a passenger information system, security surveillance systems and large TFT monitors in the entry areas.

To lease a train, there is a standard contract with service options to fit the operator’s rail infrastructure. By providing centralised fleet maintenance management, fleets of all sizes can be integrated into rail operations without making expensive changes to the existing maintenance.

Siemens Mobility revolutionises regional train rental for a dynamic market

Smart Train Lease GmbH is initially offering this rental model in Germany and plans to expand it throughout Europe in the medium term. Albrecht Neumann, CEO Rolling Stock at Siemens Mobility, knows that the mobility transition has led to a dynamic market for regional trains. 

“Rail operators today are looking for more flexible and quickly available offers as new technologies further increase sustainability in rail transport,” said Neumann. “By founding Smart Train Lease GmbH, we’ve created an innovative rental model for highly standardised regional trains.” 

Its cost position, reliability and speedy delivery time make it a new and especially attractive offer for our customers.

In order to help accelerate the mobility transition, Smart Train Lease GmbH wanted to make renting trains as simple as renting a car.

“This service will further enhance the attractiveness of rail transport for passengers and enable our customers to react quickly to fluctuating demand,” said Benjamin Dobernecker, CEO. 


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