Fleet & Commercial Lists

Top 10 Luxury Electric Vehicles

EVs: An evolution spanning more than a century. Luxury EVs are now a sought-after commodity


Top 10: Companies Electrifying Commercial Vehicles

GM, Siemens, Coca-Cola, Aditya Birla Group, FedEx, Amazon, DAF Trucks, Nestlé, DHL and AT&T are our Top 10 Companies Electrifying Commercial Vehicles


Top 10: Executive EV Fleets for 2024

EV Magazine selects 10 of the best executive electric cars to serve businesses with zero-emissions transport and form the commute of corporate passengers


Top 10: Electric Bus Companies

EV Magazine shares insight into the companies developing and delivering electric buses to mature and decarbonise yet another transportation vertical


Top 10: Fleet EV Charging Companies

EV Magazine shared 10 charging providers fit for partnership with fleet operators to help them transform to sustainable commercial infrastructure solutions

Top 10 reasons EVs should be used in the supply chain

Making the switch to all-electric vehicle operations may be daunting, so here are the benefits to supply chain businesses as they aim for sustainability


Top 10 companies electrifying commercial vehicles

From HGVs to last-mile logistics, these 10 companies are electrifying commercial vehicles and bringing groundbreaking solutions to the global supply chain

Top 10 companies driving commercial fleet electrification

Electrification is a large scale issue and these 10 organisations are taking the lead in switching fossil-fuel-powered cars to electric vehicles (EVs)