Top 10: Electric Scooters

Lime, Bolt, Segway, Niu, Razor, TIER, Apollo Scooters, Dott, Hilboy & Unagi are our Top 10 Electric Scooters

More than 80% of trips taken are less than 10 kilometres - so for those looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, an electric scooter is the way to go.

Electric scooters are fast and fun, as well as convenient and with a far smaller carbon footprint than other modes of transport. With electric scooters, there are no strikes, fellow passengers or fares, but there is an upfront cost and the additional charge for any repairs. There are also regional laws in place, so check those in your location before you buy.

Here are our Top 10 electric scooters. 

10. Unagi

Unagi designs and manufactures its electric scooters, combining power with lightweight portability for the urban commuter. The Unagi Model One Voyager runs on dual 250-watt motors, allowing the rider to climb up hills with ease. 

The Unagi scooter’s design is bright - in order to catch the eye of fellow riders, drivers and pedestrians - and it features a loud, electric-sounding horn, with head and tail lights that blink when the brakes are used. 

9. Hilboy

Light pink, black and metallic white - take your pick for Hilboy’s S2 Lite Electric Scooter. The lightweight frame can reach a maximum speed of 13 mph and a 10 mile range. Hiboy’s electric scooter comes with various safety features, such as a double braking system and four lights just for clear nighttime vision. The scooter also comes with cruise control, ensuring an easy ride.

8. Dott

Unlock your city with Dott - the micro mobility operator on a mission to ‘free our cities with clean rides for everyone’. Dott was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Dott raised a Series B investment of US$85m (US$107m) and is working alongside communities to ensure scooters remain popular. Riders download Dott from the app store and sign up to get going. There is a choice to either pay per ride, or opt for a pass. There are also socially inclusive discounts for emergency workers and healthcare professionals. 

7. Apollo Scooters

Apollo Scooters aims to make short distance commutes ‘fun, convenient and environmentally friendly’. Based In Montreal, Canada and founded in 2019, Apollo is focused on manufacturing high quality vehicles as sustainable transportation alternatives. 

All scooters are designed, developed and tested at the Montreal headquarters and the company is right now working on ways to solve the various hardware and software challenges, on its way to building the micro-mobility vehicle of the future. 


Founded in 2018, TIER is headquartered in Berlin and operates more than 260 cities in 22 countries in Europe and the Middle East. TIER reached climate neutrality in 2020 and is working hard to build the most sustainable mobility solution possible. As a result, TIER is set to merge with fellow scooter startup, Dott.

“We managed to make our ebikes a success, achieving profitability for this vehicle in 2023. It's not about scooters, it's about micro-mobility as a whole,” said Tier CEO Lawrence Leuschner, who will move to a non-executive chair position. 

5. Razor 

The Razor brand unites fun and freedom in its electric scooters and is  focused on providing the very best riding experience. Razor was founded in 2000 and is based in California, US. The company sponsors a group of pro scooter athletes, Team Razor, who have spread the global popularity of scooter riding from small skate parks to worldwide tours.

Its lightest scooter weighs 8.5kgs and is suitable for children, aged eight and above. One single charge offers 40 minutes of ride time and when the battery runs dry, riders can scoot along in the traditional manner to complete their journey.

4. Niu Technologies 

Smart urban mobility leader Niu Technologies is based in New York, US, and was founded in 2014. Its goal is to bring sustainable, zero-emissions energy to the commuters of the world, with its high performance electric scooters, which Niu designs, manufactures and sells. The company has 1,200 points of sale across Europe, Asia, South America and North America and has won various international design awards, including the German Red Dot, USA iDEA and the Japanese G-mark. 

3. Segway 

Segway was one of the first electric scooters introduced to the public at the start of the millennium and Segways quickly became synonymous with its verb. 

One of the newest models is the Ninebot Kickscooter Max G2, which has a range up to 70 km (43.5 miles) and a maximum speed up to 25 km/h (15.5 mph). The scooter’s tubeless pneumatic tyres have a jelly layer and an anti-skid traction control system, with built-in front and rear indicators to ensure a safe journey.

2. Bolt

Mobility technology leader Bolt is based in Tallinn, Estonia, and dreams of building cities for people, not cars. It is the largest scooter operator in Europe.

Bolt has a number of safety features designed to deflect drunk riders, such as a cognitive reaction test and a tandem riding prevention system. Intoxicated riders have caused electric scooters popularity as a whole to decline in many communities and these features seek to repair that relationship. Much like electric cars, Bolt’s electric scooters have an ambient sound, which keeps pedestrians aware of approaching scooters.

“At Bolt, we’re committed to being a reliable partner for cities, supporting them in making urban areas more people-friendly by offering alternatives to driving a private car, and thus tackling air and noise pollution and congestion,” said Fabio Re, Country Manager at Bolt, Italy. 

1. Lime

Lime's goal is ‘to build a future where transportation is shared, affordable and carbon-free’. Lime is a top choice of electric scooter, for its user-friendly app and a ride which offers 32 km (20 miles) on one battery charge. Lime is available across the US and various locations in South America, Europe and Asia. 

Lime’s new Gen4 seated electric scooter has been designed with older users and those with limited physical mobility in mind, helping more people in the community access sustainable travel, wherever they want to go. 

"The new design allows for added comfort and, when paired with our new storage compartment, will provide for more use cases, encouraging more people to consider Lime to fit their needs," said Joe Kraus Lime President. 



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