E-Boats Revolutionise Commuting in New Zealand & Australia

E-boats set sail: Meridian & Candela launch an electric ferry, while Genevo Marine partners with Deakin University to build electric motor yacht

When we explore emissions in the transport sector, it’s easy to only think of those coming from the road and forget about those whose daily commute involves a boat ride.

Alongside the presence of electric cars, buses and scooters, e-boats are turning the tide from fossil fuel vehicles, to electric ones. In the Southern Hemisphere, electric watercraft are helping businesses keep their emissions down and giving commuters a blast of fresh air before they clock in. 

Electric ferry operatives in New Zealand

A deal has been struck between utilities company Meridian and Sweden’s Candela to provide the Candela P-12, an electric hydrofoil ferry, which will be used in the daily commute for staff at the Lake Manapouri hydro power station. 

Lake Manapouri is in the Fiordland region of New Zealand’s South Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the deepest lakes in the Southern Hemisphere and according to Maori legend, got its name "Lake of the Sorrowing Heart" from two sisters, whose tears filled the lake. The hydro power station first saw some controversy when it was built in 1971, due to concerns about the impact on wildlife. However, the provision of clean energy has won over locals. 

Now, staff will get to work on board the Candela P-12 electric hydrofoil ferry, which will replace the current diesel ferry, saving 240 tonnes of carbon emissions every year, which will certainly benefit the lake and its surrounding environment.

Tania Palmer, Meridian’s GM of Generation, says it’s vital to remain bold and innovative to reduce emissions. 

“This deal is the result of a global search to identify the latest and best technology for our needs, and one that’s suitable for such an incredible natural environment,” said Tania. “The Candela P-12 is an exciting replacement for the diesel ferry we currently use to transport people across the lake to the power station. It’ll drastically reduce emissions and, at the same time, give our team what’s arguably the best and most spectacular commute in the world.”

“We’re excited to partner with a global leader in the transition to sustainable energy and global decarbonisation and thrilled to soon see our P-12 in action on Lake Manapōuri,” said Gustav Hasselskog, Candela CEO.

Electric boats in Australia

Australia’s first high-performance electric motor yacht, the Genevo E8

In Australia, Genevo Marine has worked in partnership with Deakin University on its first electric boat model, the E8, an 8.2-metre, luxury motor yacht. 

The two Co-Founders are proud to use recycled carbon fibre in the boat’s manufacturing, which offers high performance and a tenth of the carbon footprint.

“The E8 will not only rival the growing number of electric peers with regards to blistering performance, but the E8 will be the first boat to be manufactured with recycled aerospace carbon fibre,” said Co-Founder Damon Rahmate. “Genevo is working closely with Deakin University in Australia to develop and test a proprietary composite material using recycled aerospace carbon fibre.”

“The E8 will offer the unparalleled experience that only electric boats can offer,” said Andrew Davey. “The powerful 400kW race bred motor will put its occupants in the back of their seats without the drone and exhaust fumes associated with ICE powered boats.”



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