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Top 10 e-bike companies to watch in 2023

With new e-mobility solutions flooding the market in 2023, we take a look at the top 10 e-bikes to help commuters ditch the car this spring

The NAF tests electric vehicle range and winter performance

Winter range and performance is an important factor for understanding how efficient electric vehicles are, so the NAF is going about testing multiple cars

New Automotive shares data on current electric vehicle sales

EVs are growing in popularity, but the percentage of sales must increase rapidly to ensure, globally, electrification can be achieved by climate deadlines

GRIDSERVE claims approval for another EV charging forecourt

Sustainable energy and forecourt operator, GRIDSERVE scored a new agreement for another Essex-based EV charging forecourt, helping electrify the UK’s roads

McLaren Applied brings 5G connectivity to Network Rail

5G connectivity is a talking point for upcoming electric vehicles (EVs) across the globe, but how will McLaren Applied use it to optimise Network Rail?

The EV revolution enters a pivotal phase of innovation

A successful week, including a trip to Milan, Italy, allows us to share some of the latest EV stories, including an all-new car and great industry updates

Transport for London tram is electrifying the UK capital

The transport organisation TfL unveiled its electric tram, but how will the initiative electrify the streets of the UK capital to reduce its CO2 emissions?

Industry leaders takes strides to electrify global mobility

Following exciting news from the EV industry, look back on some of the stories of innovation and electrification that will change global mobility for good