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Sean Ashcroft

Supply Chain Editor-in-Chief

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Sean Ashcroft is the Editor-in-Chief of Supply Chain Digital and is a regular writer on all aspects of Supply Chain, Procurement, Logistics, Sourcing, Technology & Sustainability. He also is the host of the popular LinkedIn LIVE video show and is also a moderator for the Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE Conference in London each year.

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EV Batteries: Supply Chain & Sustainability Challenges

Bindiya Vakil, CEO & Founder of Resilinc, Explores the Surging Demand for EVs Amidst Mineral Shortages, Supply Chain Risks and Sustainability Challenges

Logistics readying itself for EV revolution

Volvo Trucks leading the way in EV production for logistics sector, as businesses like DHL Supply Chain and DFDS add e-trucks to their fleets


Electric Volvo trucks 'a milestone' on DHL net zero journey

DHL Supply Chain's Saul Resnick says new Volvo electric trucks 'mark a key milestone in our journey towards alternative fuel vehicles and net zero goals'

Uber Freight reaches an electrified trucking milestone

Uber Freight to deliver electric-truck haulage with pioneering EV pilot in California, run with help from EV road freight specialist WattEV