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Lucy Buchholz

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Lucy Buchholz is Editor in Chief of March8 Magazine, as she has a particular passion for advocating women in business. Lucy has worked across a range of in-print and online publications, covering B2B, health and wellbeing, and food titles.


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EU approves law to boost EV changers across Europe

New legislation has been passed by EU lawmakers to boost the number of EV chargers across Europe, while making charging simpler for drivers


Polestar and Rivian are driving forces in the EV transition

A combined report from the pure-play electric vehicles manufactures Polestar and Rivian further highlights the demand for EVs and other zero-emission cars

Formula E: Meeting today’s carbon-neutral racing standards

Formula E has become the first global sports organisation to align with international standards on contributing to carbon neutrality

Where will Tesla build its next gigafactory?

Tesla CEO Elon Musk says the company will pick a location for its new gigafactory by the end of the year – but where will it be based?