Mobility Lists


Top 10: eVTOL Innovators

EV Magazine recognises some of the innovative technologies and aircraft to be delivered by key aviation organisations to shift to electric mobility

Top 10: EV Companies

The transition from ICEs to EVs is shaping up to be the biggest transformation of our time, but who’s leading the way in all this sustainable action?


Top 10: EV Technology Companies

EV Magazine brings you the top 10 EV technology businesses that impact the way companies build, operate and maintain electric and hybridised vehicles


Top 10: CEOs in EV

Driving the transition from internal combustion power to electric vehicles (EVs), these CEOs support their teams to deliver the future of automotive

Top 10: Electric Boat Companies

The leisure boating industry need not disappear amid the shift to electric, which is why these 10 boat makers are leveraging a new opportunity


Top 10: Mobility Companies

EV Magazine takes a look at 10 companies reshaping the mobility landscape as increasing demand is placed on electric vehicle adoption and public delivery


Top 10 e-mobility service providers

E-mobility is a global concern, but this varied list of 10 service providers shows the breadth of electrification as a sustainability initiative


Top 10: Hybrid-Electric Vehicles

Hybrid-electric vehicles (HEVs) prove great bridges between fossil fuels and electric propulsion, but which meet the cost and sustainable needs of drivers?