Connected Car Articles


First Hydrogen and UK fleet trials first hydrogen fuel cell

Working with Rivus, one of the UK’s largest fleet operators, First Hydrogen is testing and assessing the performance of a first-of-a-kind hydrogen vehicle

OEMs and consumers impacted by low-mileage EV write-offs

Addressing the conversation around low-mileage EV write-offs, it’s clear how consumers could see costs rise, and OEMs may experience higher competition

Vertellus’ scheme helping to electrify commercial fleets

Investing in an electric commercial fleet is a huge commitment and not all businesses are geared for a successful switch

Insights from Racing Towards EV

As Sustainability LIVE New York is just one month away, we reflect on the highlights of September’s event and deep dive into the Racing Towards EV panel

Oregon plans to temporarily suspend EV rebate programme

Oregon, US, will temporarily suspend rebates for buying and leasing new EVs because demand is too high. Bad news for drivers, great news for the planet

Alphabet leasing demonstrates strong electric vehicle growth

Offering leasing opportunities to consumers, Alphabet has seen exponential growth in electric vehicle adoption—influencing sustainable transportation

Azimut hybrid-electric tech reduces superyacht emissions

The luxury bespoke superyacht builder, Azimut announced its Seadeck Series fitted with hybrid-electric motor technology for lower-emission yacht propulsion


Volkswagen releases concept for affordable electric vehicle

The latest concept car from the German carmaker Volkswagen is a step towards affordability for consumers looking to purchase or lease an electric vehicle